Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus

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Clinically proven formula of ultra pure, concentrated fish oil with all 8 omega-3s to support heart health, joint comfort and inflammation balance. Our favorite omega-3 for pregnancy and postpartum!

  • Promotes cardiovascular health, youthful brain function, healthy flexible joints, and healthy eyes.
  • It's the first supplement of its kind to assure a standardized amount of all eight members of the omega-3 family involved in human nutrition.
  • Based on pure, natural salmon oil.
  • All sources are screened for more than 200 potential contaminants.

Is your omega-3 worth taking?

Why it matters most during pregnancy

Salmon Oil Plus is the world’s finest ultra-high potency fish oil, complete with standardized amounts of all 8 omega-3’s with guaranteed purity

Human Clinical Studies

Clinically Proven

Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus has been clinically tested in humans and the results have been published in some of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals. These studies show Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus is designed for maximum usability by the body, and lowers inflammatory index by 68% and improves omega-3 index by 38% in 8 weeks.

Totally Pure

Tested for over 200 potential contaminants with allowable limit of zero in parts per billion.


Each and every capsule of Salmon Oil Plus has standardized amounts of all 8 naturally occurring omega-3’s vs. many other brands that only provide 1 or 2.

Dependable Pharmaceutical License

NeoLife owns and operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that surpass the most stringent global GMP standards and manufacturing regulations. 

This includes a Drug License from the State of California as well as the esteemed Drug License from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia, which very few manufacturers in the United States are able to obtain. NeoLife holds these licenses and others as validation of their exceptional quality standards.

NeoLife has been in business over 60 years, since 1958, and operates in over 50 countries around the world. 

Additional Benefits

Benefits to Baby

✔ EPA (1 of the 8 Omega-3s) supports the heart, immune system, and inflammatory response

✔ DHA (1 of the 8 Omega-3s) supports the brain, eyes, and central nervous system

✔ Essential for neurological and early visual development

✔ Reduces the risk of asthma and allergies

Benefits to Mom

✔ Lowers the risk of pre-eclampsia

✔ Decreases risk for postpartum depression

✔ Shown to prevent pre-term labor and delivery

Omega-3s are wonderful for you and your baby’s health.  Don’t trust this very critical nutrient to just anyone.  Get the best for you and your baby by taking NeoLife’s Salmon Oil Plus.