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Each refreshing serving of NeoLife UPBEET delivers a powerhouse blend of superfoods and botanicals that help elevate nitric oxide levels to boost stamina and endurance while supporting healthy circulation.*

Change Your Life, One Cell At A Time

Make Your Workouts Work Harder for You

It turns out that nitric oxide is the key to better physical performance. Produced by dietary nitrates in the body, it does the double duty of helping our muscles work longer and harder while supporting the heart by relaxing and dilating blood vessels for healthy circulation and blood pressure.*

Works Two Ways
✓ Directly - by providing dietary nitrates that can be converted to nitric oxide in our bodies.*

✓ Indirectly – by enhancing the body's own nitric oxide-producing ability.*

Fitness Blend

✓ Moringa leaves, pomegranate peel and black ginger root stimulate production of nitric oxide inside the body.*

✓ Black ginger and pomegranate help to enhance the bioavailability of nitric oxide.*

Activation Blend
✓ Beetroot, kale and Joseph’s coat provide dietary nitrates that the body can convert to nitric oxide.*

Clinically Shown
✓ Double-blind placebo-controlled studies show our botanical Fitness Blend helps increase stamina and endurance.*

✓ Supports heart health with 70 mg of naturally occurring dietary nitrates per serving, exceeding the 60 mg shown in research to have cardiovascular benefits*

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