Have Abundant Energy

A lack of true whole grains zaps your energy, and it is also the greatest risk factor for death in the United States.
  • A recently published 27-year global diet analysis found that the number one factor responsible for deaths in the United States is a lack of true whole grains.

  • Tre-en-en feeds your cells by providing the whole grain lipids and sterols missing in grocery store whole grain foods and our diets.

  • It enhances your energy by increasing the flexibility of your cell membranes, which allows healthy nutrients to get in and wastes to get out.



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A 30-day supply of breakfast! Designed for optimal cellular nutrition by giving your body key whole food nutrients and protein. Contains 30-servings of Pro Vitality and 30 servings of NeoLife’s Amino Acid Shakes.


NeoLife makes you healthier every day.