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Our NeoLife Story

Hi! We’re the Fosses and we’re on a mission with NeoLife to make the world a healthier and happier place. We believe that because people matter, health and wellness matter too. Start your journey with us today!


Family of 5
Followers of Christ
Goat & Chicken Owners
Bicycle Enthusiasts

Favorite Breakfast:
Eggs, Avocado, Homemade
Sauerkraut & a NeoLife Shake!

Favorite Product:
Pro Vitality


Our Team


We’re on the Wisdom Builders team, a community of like-minded NeoLife Promoters that want to end the trend of sickness and disease through good nutrition.


Brian & Keri

Pro Vitality
Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus
Cal-Mag with Vitamin D

Since starting Pro Vitality we’ve gotten sick less and have noticeably more energy throughout the day. The Omega-III’s have helped reduce joint pain, support breastfeeding and post-partum recovery. Cal-Mag helps us get a great night sleep.


The Kids

NeoLife Shakes
Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus

Each day starts with, “Can we make a shake?” Each meal ends with, “Can we have our vitamin?”. We love knowing that our kids are getting the nutrients they need to keep their mind and bodies healthy.



NeoLife makes you healthier every day.